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Guiding You Through Growth Towards Living a Meaningful Life

My own healing journey began at a young age. I began exploring what healing myself looks like in my teen years. My journey took me down many paths, eventually leading me to see the benefit of healing through holistic and integrative approaches. 

Over the past few years, my practice has grown and changed. My work focuses on existential issues of freedom, responsibility, the meaning of life and death. I help people connect with their experiences in their bodies as well as catching and helping reframe the negative stories we tell ourselves to help them work towards connecting to personal meaning and living a more mindful, connected, and integrated life. 

Couples Counselling

My practice has expanded over the past year to include couples work. I was trained in the Gottman Method of couples therapy Level 1 through The Gottman Institute, which focuses on helping partners work toward improving communication through understanding each other’s triggers, learning how to communicate in ways that their partner can receive, and focusing on ways they can strengthen the relationship and enhance feelings of connectedness. I would say my work with couples is Gottman informed, but borrows from a wide variety of modalities.


“Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.” mindful.org

If we are not aware of what is happening within or around us, it can be very hard to make shifts in our lives. Through bringing conscious attention to our experience we can begin to learn how to meet the experiences of life from a receptive as opposed to a reactive state.


I attended Santa Clara University and earned a BSc in Psychology. The bulk of my education focused on theories in psychology, which sparked my desire to put these theories into practice. I knew I had found my next step after discovering a training program in the heart of Toronto teaching an existential integrative approach to psychotherapy with a focus on clinical skills.

In chasing my love of knowledge I have continued my training, taking Level 1 Sensorimotor Training through the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, which will be complete in 2022. This has been transformational in how I work with clients, helping to connect their experiences to the body and how we hold and can release unhealthy patterns from our body. 

I completed my certificate in Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation at the University of Toronto in late 2020 and continue my studies in this field doing an Applied Specialization in Mindfulness Meditation focusing on mindfulness in the workplace, and taking the Mindfully Informed End of Life Care certificate program,  which has shown me how important it is to bring intentional awareness into our everyday lives as a way of creating resilience.

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